We are yugen

We are an industrial design and product development studio situated in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. From conceptualisation to prototyping, we have you covered. Through innovative and immersive design we are able to extract maximum value from your ideas, resulting in products that are commercially successful and soulful.

Minimalism and excellence is at the absolute core of our design philosophy. By striving for purity in design, we are able to accentuate and enhance a myriad of critical product elements. We have experience working for a multitude of companies ranging in specialisation from consumer electronics to the medical industry

  • The process


    Research is a key part of the product development process. Depending on a client´s requirements, research conducted can consist of a patent search and summary, competitor analysis as well as mechanism, materials and manufacturing process research.

  • The process


    The conceptualisation phase is based on ideation and exploration which makes use of sketching, CAD models and prototyping. During ideation, multiple concepts are explored in rapid succession. Concepts that show merit are then further refined and developed via CAD modelling and prototyping.

  • The process


    The concept CAD (computer–aided design) models are refined further with focus being placed on mechanism design, materiality and manufacturing techniques appropriate to the product. The CAD models are then used for stress analysis, rendering and prototyping and user testing.

  • The process


    Prototyping and rigorous testing are paramount to the development of a product with a great user experience. Only through prototyping, testing and iteration is one able to fully refine and realize a products potential. Prototypes can take the form of low fidelity proof of concept models to highly refined models that mimic the potential end product in both form and function.

  • The process


    We assist our clients in finding reputable and reliable manufacturers and suppliers. After which we can act as a liaison between these parties. Systems such as quality control checklists are also put in place to insure manufactured products are up to standard.