The PocLock is a pocket sized bike lock aimed at urban cycling commuters. The lock has a number of innovative features. Some of these include the custom core cable that automatically retracts into the housing when the lock is closed and the ability to use the locking mechanism with other cables and chains.

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Industrial Design

The PocLock was developed around the concept of a pocket sized bicycle lock that was compact yet resilient to theft. The lock allows users to lock up their bicycles with the integrated retractable cable. Alternatively for additional security the PocLock's sliding lock mechanism makes allowance for the use of third part chains and cables. When the key is inserted into the lock, the locking bar is actuated by a spring mechanism which slides it to the left. In this position a internal mechanism exerts force on the retractable cable spool allowing the user to pull the cable and insert it into the locking clasp without it automatically spooling back into the lock. Once the locking bar is pushed back into the locked orientation, a spring mechanism turns the key into the locked position and the cable retracts automatically.

With regards to aesthetics,  a minimalist approach was taken to the PocLocks design. The top and bottom surfaces of the rectangular form slightly bulges towards its outer edges which allows for a rounder and more comfortable feel in the users hand. A linnear pattern was used on the outer surfaces  to create a visually interesting element aswell as provide the user with additional grip on the lock.



Extensive prototyping was essential to the development of the PocLock. The internal mechanical design underwernt multiple interations to find the right amount of feedback for the spring actuated mechanisms and the retractable spool.